Tell Your Heart to Beat Again…

As Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us, for all things in this life there is a season…

“2     A time to be born, a time to die;
        a time to plant, a time to collect the harvest;
    A time to kill, a time to heal;
        a time to tear down, a time to build up;
    A time to cry, a time to laugh;
        a time to mourn, a time to dance;
    A time to scatter stones, a time to pile them up;
        a time for a warm embrace, a time for keeping your distance;
    A time to search, a time to give up as lost;
        a time to keep, a time to throw out;
    A time to tear apart, a time to bind together;
        a time to be quiet, a time to speak up;
    A time to love, a time to hate;
        a time to go to war, a time to make peace.” (Ecc. 3:2-8, Voice)

God’s plan for our lives is very much based on balance; not necessarily that for each “bad” thing that happens to us that we’ll experience an equivalent “good” thing, but instead that throughout all the ups and downs in our lives He’ll be there to celebrate with us, guide us in times of uncertainty, or to draw us close and comfort us when the world we know comes crashing down.  God’s balance for us is all about Grace and His unending pursuit of our hearts…

He… Is our balance.

This morning while driving in to work, Danny Gokey’s song “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” started playing on the radio station I was listening to.  As the song’s poignant message penetrated the barriers I’d put up lately, I felt God reminding me that through everything that’s happened this past year, He’d never left my side…

He was with me through that season, just as He was for the seasons before…

And He will be for the seasons to come…

And that It’s time to let my heart beat again.  Thank you Father.