Hi There, and welcome to!  My name is Phil Malmstrom a.k.a. Phather Phil, and in these postings and pages, I hope to provide some thoughts and inspirations to lighten your Spirit, and to make you think about what Faith really means in your life.  It’s very much a work in progress, and I welcome any comments or ideas you have for making the site better. was originally created to chronicle my Spiritual Journey as a recently Ordained Minister, but has ended up being the home for my “Morning Emails to God” that I began posting each day to my Facebook Wall. I’d like to expand the site over the next year or so to make space for Readers to post their own Emails to God as well, and possibly add a discussion board for those going through difficult situations to post for Spiritual and Emotional support.

Have a Blessed Day!

~Phather Phil Malmstrom