Extensions of His Love

Today’s entry in the “Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life” devotional reading plan I’m following made a powerful point about finding meaning and fulfillment, and where we should really be seeking it…

“Love is the energy of life. It’s what motivates people to get up each day and keep going. It gives life purpose and meaning.People often have times in their lives when they believe they are unloved or have no one to love. They develop this mindset because they are looking for fulfillment in ways that seem good at first but often leave them feeling frustrated, disappointed and empty inside.Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever look for love and end up feeling unfulfilled? Let me ask you this: What kind of love are you pursuing? You may be looking for love, but really, you’re looking for God, because He is love. Any love you gain that is disconnected from God is not really love and will leave you feeling unfulfilled.…”

When we seek love, in effect we’re truly desiring the source of all love; God.  When we keep Him at the center of our lives, that overwhelming love flows through us and allows our other relationships to truly be as He intends them to…

As extensions of His love for us.

~Phather Phil