On My Knees Again Lord

Dear Lord; Happy Thursday Father!

On my knees again Lord;

A prayer…

A petition…

A tear.

The stains within come pouring out,

And lie scattered at Your feet.

I’m broken Father…

So deeply broken.

And yet,

In the midst of my distress;

My pain…

My anxieties…

My fears…

You remind me who I truly am;

Your Beloved Child.

You are my hope Lord;

My portion…

My redemption…

And my serenity in the chaos.

Yet even through that shield,

The world creeps in;

Those voices that tell me I fall far short…

And don’t deserve Your love.

My feelings of defeat…

And sense of failure.

And yet,

You sent Your Son

To bear my sins,

And wash my life in Grace.

Siblings in Your Light,

Bonded through His blood.

So I give it up to You Lord,

All of it;

My trust,

My love,

My life,

All I was,

All I am,

All I will be,

I lift them all to You;

My Abba, Father.


~Phather Phil

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