Thankful Thursday: Bring My Spirit Rest

Dear Lord; Happy Thankful Thursday Father!

Well Lord, once again we arrive at the Thankful Thursday edition of  In addition to posting my usual list of 15 things I’m particularly grateful for this week, I also want to pay special notice to one in particular.

Last night was not one of my more restful evenings Father.  Yesterday afternoon, I started feeling the tell-tale signs of increased sinus pressure and drainage, and some accompanying stomach discomfort.  I increased my fluids and tried to push through it, but as of 3:30 this morning my head felt like it was in a vice and my whole body ached.  I was awake, and uncomfortable, and exhausted, and grumpy… Not a good combination.  I tried lying quietly in the bed, focusing on the stillness around me, but the thumping in my head readily thwarted my efforts.  By that point, my frustration level was elevated and I resigned myself to the thought that I’d had all the sleep I was getting for the night.

“Rest in God’s Word.” drifted through my mind.

I’ll be honest Father, in the shape I was in at that wee hour of the morning the thought of focusing on Scripture (or on anything else for that matter) wasn’t particularly appealing.  Nonetheless, I decided to trust the “urgings” and do some reading.  I grabbed my Nook Color off the nightstand, fired up YouVersion and picked up where I’d left off earlier in the day in 1st Kings.  I’d read three chapters or so when I realized…

The thumping in my head had stopped…

My nerves had quieted…

And I was feeling tired again.

I shut of the Nook, and lay back down.  I’m not sure exactly how quickly I fell asleep Father, but it certainly didn’t take long.  And while I didn’t have long before the morning alarm broke the silence and jolted me into the day, it was sleep I would not have had otherwise.  Therefore Father, I want to give special thanks for #265 on today’s list.  🙂

Continuing from where I left off last week Lord, this week I’m especially grateful for:

256. Our cat curled up on my chest, purring softly.

257. A strong cold front coming through bringing with it mid-60s temps for the weekend.

258. Allergy medication.

259. Unexpected opportunities.

260. Discerning Your whispers in the noise.

261. Courteous, responsive customer service at the online pharmacy I use.

262. The opportunity to host an upcoming Small Group Bible Study in our home.

263. Free stock photo sites from which I can pull images for my blogs.

264. Finding three pairs of jeans in my size at the local JC Penney, and on sale.

265. That on those nights when I can’t sleep, I have Your Word to bring my spirit rest.

266. The opportunity to read the Old Testament Scripture at church last Sunday.

267. Pizza nights with the kids.

268. Inexpensive, reasonably reliable high-speed Internet at my home.

269. Key Lime Pie.

270. The daily devotions found in Stand Firm Magazine which start my days off in the proper frame-of-mind.

My life is truly “chock-full” of Blessings Lord…

Heavenly Father,

I thank and praise You for the multitude of Blessings You bestow on us each day; both those that light up the Heavens in glory, and those which grace us in relative silence.  We are truly Blessed!

In Jesus’ Name we pray,


~Phather Phil