Stillness by Any Other Name…

Dear Lord; This morning Lord, I’d like to talk about Stillness.  As I’ve mentioned to You before, there are certain times and places that bring about a mental and spiritual Stillness for me that makes my commune with You so much clearer.  I know what they are for me and usually how to achieve them, but I always find it fascinating to see how others find their moments of clarity.  I was reading another Blog this morning written by a lady named Gail Brenner and came across her article called “The Art of Discovering the Spaces In-Between”.  It was quite well written and although not directed specifically at communing with You, I realized that what she was describing was exactly how my Stillness feels.

Along those same lines, I’ve been working to try and find ways to achieve Stillness outside my normal “happy places” as of late.  My life, as well as the lives of many around me, has been amazingly tumultuous over the last year, and sometimes it’s become very difficult to absorb and balance all of the negative things happening around me.  Retreating to those moments of Stillness very much helps to recharge my Spiritual Batteries, so I’ve been working to find ways throughout the day to access those lines of communication with You.  Call it Prayer, Meditation, Communing with the Universe or whatever You like, the more I can tap into those moments the closer I feel to You, and the more I can focus on Your Plan for me and Honoring Your Grace.

Please help us Heavenly Father, to find that Inner Peace and Stillness in all of us so that we may allow more of Your Love to go forth into the world.  The louder I hear You, the more I learn and the better I feel.  Amen.  ~Phather Phil