Thankful Thursday: Out of Sync

Dear Lord; Happy Thankful Thursday Father!

I think Lord, that what I struggle with the most on my walk with You is our conflicting schedules…

I want things to happen on “Phil time”, however quite often Your timing is a good bit different than mine.

And yet, as I was pondering it this morning on my drive into the office, I realized something I hadn’t before…

We create our schedules around what’s most important to us; base them on our priorities…

If our “schedules” are out of sync… Then maybe I’m not fully recognizing Your priorities for my life.


Therefore Father, as I continue counting my Blessings on this Thankful Thursday afternoon, I’m also going to try and focus on the timing of those divine gifts; actively seeking not only Your whispered presence in the chaos, but also examining the context in which You’ve delivered it.  You truly do fill my life with love Lord, and this week I’m especially grateful for:

646. A relaxing Friday evening on the deck with friends.

647. Feeling Your peace come over me when I need it most.

648. The healing power in my puppy’s wet kisses after a long day.

649. Refreshing spring breezes.

650. The opportunity I’ve had to teach Sunday School class this past season at Ewell’s St. Paul UMC.

651. An inspiring discussion about Your love with a dear lady this afternoon.

652. Finding a new photo-sharing site where I can connect with other photographers.

653. The fellowship and discussions at our Tuesday night Faith Development Group, “Where Two or Three are Gathered”.

654. An “all good” checkup for Jonathan with the neurosurgeon at A.I. Dupont Children’s Hospital.

655. The wisdom I find when I not only seek Your presence, but also strive to recognize the context of those gifts.

656. The opportunity to spend lots of time with people I love over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

657. Sunday evenings spent watching “Duck Dynasty” reruns with my family.  J

658. A wonderful array of resources online to help me learn new techniques and become a better photographer.

659. Seeing my children give from the heart unexpectedly.

660. Your gentle reminder to stay my tongue when my emotions begin to overtake me.

And so very much more…

For it’s in Your precious name I pray,


~Phather Phil

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