Reflections in the Word

Dear Lord; Happy Tuesday Father!

As You’re aware Lord, over the last few weeks my Scripture reading time has been spent wading through the Old Testament books of Kings and Chronicles.  I won’t pull any punches Father, they can be some onerous books to read, but without a doubt they’re chock-full of Your wisdom nonetheless.  This morning, as I was nearing the end of 2nd Chronicles the thought crossed my mind:

“Wow… They just didn’t learn very quickly, did they.”

It really wasn’t meant to be disrespectful or nearly as sarcastic as it came out, but reading about king after king that “…did not do what was right in the eyes of the Lord”, and by doing so led their people down paths of destruction and pain, I was struck by the fact that even with all they knew to be true, they still turned away from Your path.

“You do that now and again yourself…” You whispered.

Double Ouch!!

Yes Father… yes I do…

While I may not erect idols and temples to other gods, I certainly have allowed my focus and desires to shift away from You, and to cling to earthly things.

I sometimes allow my pride to overwhelm me and try to rely on my own strength to “fix” things, instead of humbling my heart and following Your lead.

Although my Walk with You has grown ever closer, there are still times that the concerns of the world get their hooks in my heart, and Your voice becomes drowned out in the turmoil.

While I very much try to look towards others with Your love in my heart, there have certainly been more than a few cases where I’ve allowed negative feelings to get the better of me, and not treated people as Jesus’ example directed us.

I guess I don’t learn very quickly Father…

Thankfully, You haven’t given up on me.  🙂

It’s convicting to read through those pages and see reflections of our own behaviors Father, but if that realization helps guide us closer to You, then we’re truly bringing Your Word into our hearts.

Heavenly Father,

I lift my praises Lord, for the lessons and messages You bring us through Scripture, and for the guidance we receive through Your Holy Spirit.  For although the truths we uncover may be convicting, uncomfortable or even painful, if in the end they draw us closer to Your will, it’s a path we need to follow all the same.

In Jesus’ Name we pray,


~Phather Phil

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