Normality Rocks

Dear Lord; Happy Wednesday Father!

With Kay’s Kamp coming up in a little over a week Lord, and just having gone through Jonathan’s yearly Oncology exams and scans, my head and heart have been drifting back to some very turbulent and fearful times for our little family.  Being helplessly thrown into that uncertain world of doctors, chemotherapy, steroids, surgeries and rescue protocols took Shannon and I to an entirely new place in our marriage, and tested our commitment and resolve to each other by fire each day.  It was a harrowing time in our lives, and one that has shaped our family this last ten years to a great extent.

I didn’t know You then Lord… I mean, I knew OF You, but I certainly wasn’t walking with You at the time.  What I did know is that I was angry as Hell at You for doing this to us; for torturing my son that way, and for making us live in fear and pain.  I blamed You for all of it Father, every little bit.  And somewhere in the midst of all of that turmoil, I hit rock bottom…

And You were there to pick me up.

I’ll be honest Father, I didn’t realize it was You at the time.  I do know however, that somewhere in that dark, terrifying place I began to see things through different eyes.  It wasn’t that Jonathan was improving drastically, but instead of focusing on the despair I’d been feeling while walking down those long, bleached hallways at A.I. Dupont, I started noticing signs of kindness, and love, and hope that somehow I’d missed before.  It was a turning point… no, a starting point in my life, and one I’m still thankful for today.

So therefore Father, today I’d like to thank You.  Thank you for new beginnings… for faithfulness to a broken, scared child… for Your healing light inside Jonathan… and for ten years of normality.

Yes Lord, we still have trials in our lives, and pain, and uncertainty.  But now we also have the knowledge and comfort that You’re with us on this journey; guiding us, nurturing us, and picking us up when we stumble on the Path.  You see, I’ve realized that normal doesn’t mean that life moves along smoothly, it means that we understand and Accept that life is a journey of Your Design, and embrace it as the amazing Gift it is.

Normality rocks.


~Phather Phil